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Boys and girls together (2)

Introduction: Setting up the group and rules for the new Luncheon I got home from Jennies house and went to my bedroom. I share a bathroom with my brother. I entered the bathroom and stripped for my bath. I turned on the bath and went to my room for clean under clothes. Got them and… Continue reading »

Pool game bet

Introduction: Loser has to pay up!!! I had been away with work for 3 long weeks and I still had another 3 weeks to go before I was due to fly home. Luckily Jen had agreed to fly out to stay with me that Saturday night to go out for the night. I collected her… Continue reading »

The bet at the bar

Introduction: My husband was out of town and I was horny On Monday night I was bored and went out to see if I could find some guys to play with. My husband, Alex was away on business and I was horny so I went to a business hotel not far from our home. I… Continue reading »

Workmate 2

Vicki was lying across me, both of us naked and sweaty from our exertions. My spunk, which I had sprayed over her tits neck and face, was now sandwiched between us and the taste of spunk was in both our mouths after our French kiss finale. Now I was tired and thought a quick wash… Continue reading »

When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part IV

  I can’t believe you’ve left me here, tied up on the shower floor with freezing water pouring down on me!  I could have got pneumonia or drowned!  I was able to get to my knees – slipping on the wet floor occasionally -and turn around and shuffle with my knees back to the taps… Continue reading »

Sex education- the second girls class

Introduction: More in the class room The Second Girls Class Very good Amanda, very good technique. Cassandra praised the schoolgirl Now try to deep throat it. Behind her desk the young Asian teen took the dildo she had been sucking out of her mouth, holding it before her like a bridal bouquet But miss I…… Continue reading »

3 virgins get a MILF

Introduction: A young teen sees his neighbor fucking a stranger and gets pictures. He and his friends use the pictures to loose their virginity. The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy…. Continue reading »