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Tommys fuck toy

Introduction: A widowed neighbor gets caught up in a problematic marriage Sweat was dripping off of Tommys chin, splashing down onto my face. His eyes were closed as he pounded away at me. My legs were splayed wide, his muscular arms braced on the bed with my knees pinned behind them. I had one hand… Continue reading »

A Surprising Occurrence

Introduction: Just something Ive been thinking about for awhile now. When you think about a normal yacht ride with a few of your close friends, rape doesnt usually come to mind. I mean think about it, everyone there are friends and trust each other so why the hell would rape even be an option. Ah… Continue reading »

She Was 22

She was 22 and petite. Blonde, boyishly short haircut, and a body to die for.He was much older, but she liked the way he talked. They met at the wedding of mutual friends, were bored with the reception and had been drinking just enough to loosen their inhibitions. Sitting together they talked a little, flirted… Continue reading »

Kims Sexual Freedom is Black

Introduction: Hi, Im Kim and this is the story of my how my life became a myriad of sexual awakenings that had me addicted to them forever. Kim had married Joe right out of high school. They had been married almost fifteen years now and Kim felt like their marriage was in a rut. They… Continue reading »

Office Loving

Mary had been working for me for three weeks and she was driving me crazy. She’s a petite little thing with a fantastic figure and full, mouth-watering tits. Since I had hired Mary as my secretary all I could think about was fucking her in that perfect little ass. Maybe if Mary didn’t wear those… Continue reading »

The Unexpected Client – the final chapter

The bath was already deep and overflowing with fragrant bubbles by the time Phil managed to drag himself to the bathroom. Serena was stretched out full length in the tub, her glorious body obscured by the foam. She smiled up at him as he walked in. “Feeling better? Have I worn you out?” “Oh I… Continue reading »

In My Sister in Laws Ass

I have always been attracted to my sister in law Brenda. Even thoughshe can be a bitch, I thought she was very sexy. I’ve found myself trying to look at her in different situations. I remember the first time I saw her naked breast. Brenda and her husband were just back from vacation at the… Continue reading »

Kates Outdoors Adventure

Kate realized that having two jobs made it very hard to find time during the week to date By Thursday, she couldnt wait for the weekend to come around. Most of the day on Friday, she was so horny that each encounter with a client had her daydreaming about what he or she would be… Continue reading »