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A Family Betrayal Chapter 38

Introduction: Hey all this is the next installment. I hope everyone enjoys. Megans POV: Three days until Fathers day Savannah and I have been to our lawyers. Both of us are still upset with Nick. His attitude since the birth of our grandbabies was not tolerable. He picked a fight that really wasnt needed. We… Continue reading »

Two Wishes

Introduction: For the man who has everything. Luc look dazed, and for a long time it seemed he didnt know what to say. When he did speak up, it was the same thing everyone always says: So I can wish for anything I want? Almost anything, Darius said. A newspaper and a cup of coffee… Continue reading »

This Story Is About Cindy 1:7

Introduction: Another plot heavy chapter, but a little excitement near the end ,) Hopefully if youre still following this series, you enjoy the plot as well as the potential fap-material, so enjoy! If youre new to the story, youve missed some good stuff, so go read it from the beginning! PART 1 CHPTER 7 It… Continue reading »

Digimon Rise and Fall Chapter 10: Torture

Introduction: Sora, Mimi and Kari are tortured to their very limit Sora, Mimi and Kari marched through the dark cave with the hopeless faces of criminals being sent to the guillotine. Their lack of clothes that only moments ago made them feel natural and warm now bought feelings of shame and helplessness. Sora looked around… Continue reading »

Commanders Delight

Introduction: GI Joe Fanfic with Duke – Scarlett and Cover Girl Note: Hello all! Again, like always, I write for money. Please message me if you would like your own personal, private, awesome tale of smexiness. If you dont have anything nice to say on comments, dont say them at all If you enjoyed the… Continue reading »

Sexy Meet and Greet pt. 2

Introduction: Part 2 to the hot fanfiction my girlfriend wrote back in 2012, related to Alvin and the Chipmunks, this time around gets to join the chipmunks on stage at their concert and sing One Direction songs, til it leads behind the scenes when Kristie gets stalked and fucked by Alvin himself. Keep in mind,… Continue reading »

Mom Caught Me

I received a PC from my grandfather toward the end of 5th grade and spent most of middle school discovering the wonders of the internet. I quickly became the one to beat in chess club with the intricate and advanced strategies I learned from chess sites. I became fairly decent at drawing my favorite cartoon… Continue reading »

Young America 2 (The Slumber Party)

Introduction: The continuing lustful story of four typical American teens finding their sexuality in suburban America Slumber Party Raven sat in the shower that night water dripping off her short black hair. Her ass still stung, and a terrible hollowness filled her chest. She had stepped beyond friendship with Ronnie and now there was no… Continue reading »

Trance (Trinas hour of darkness)

Introduction: Part 3 following the protege and the exchange sudent. A camping incident sparks a dark memory and results in Trina developing a dark side. Entering our sixth year of marriage it seems like a lifetime ago that my beautiful little Asian princess, my baby doll would leave for work together and lived a peaceful… Continue reading »

This summer it will be hot

This is just the beginning. When I started writing it, I never imagined that it would be this big. So, this is only the first part .The beginning is slow, but I like it this way. i dont like to rush into things. Enjoy! The bell rang, announcing the end of another long and boring… Continue reading »