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Sex Money – The Finale

Jim took a gulp of chilled lemonade before leaning back in his chair, a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth. Leon was watching him, green eyes analysing every last move, brow slightly furrowed as he contemplated his next move. Jim sighed in mock-boredom and drummed his fingertips on the polished oak table… Continue reading »

The Bordunes

The Bordunes Morning, Mid-April 1882 Chapter One Lorelei Langley Part 1 On an unseasonably balmy April morning in Manhattan, a young woman in a peach colored satin dress made her way down Fifth Avenue. Catching her reflection in the window of a hat shop, Lorelei Langley paused to admire herself. After looking around to ensure… Continue reading »

She Keeps Shortening My Bucket List

I’m tapping my foot as I impatiently wait on our hotel bed. Moments ago she walked through the door in her typical soccer mom outfit and no sooner was the door closed that I took her in my arms. Back again was the woman of my dreams and I couldn’t help but push the envelope…. Continue reading »

Spying on the Boss Daughter, Part 1

It started in the office. My name is John and I’ve always fancied my boss David’s daughter. Kate is always hooking up with men on line which is not surprising when she is smoking hot. She always comes into work with a skimpy top on, where most of the buttons are undone and her gorgeous DD… Continue reading »


Busted Nikkie Silk “Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true,’ Stephen Schwartz Sandy came into the bedroom where I was still dozing, holding a pair of tights in her hand. ‘Babe, I wouldn’t ask, but I’m so pushed for time and I’ve just laddered my last pair of clean tights. I desperately… Continue reading »

Tea and Strumpet, Chapter 7

It had been two weeks since she left school and she was excited to get back. She had missed her Master terribly, there was no Internet except at the local library, and it seemed to always be busy. So she had only been able to email him once since she had been gone. The bus… Continue reading »

MBF 25 – A Surprise Gift Pt. 2

“Are you ready for this?” Amanda’s question shook my thinking. I looked at her and Jeanette with a smile. “I guess.” Jeanette spoke. “I have been looking forward to this for a while now. How about you?” Amanda nodded her head. “Are you kidding me? I have been so excited about this for the past… Continue reading »

Secret Insemination Clinic, Ch.2

After a short break, Jay’s brother Jack emerged from a side door in his normal clothes and took questions from the students about his job as a paid sire for women who’ve paid for his semen.  Within 15 minutes, Jack received a signal from someone standing at the door and told the students that the… Continue reading »

Slut for My Cuckold Husbands Friends

It is sometimes difficult for me to accept how my relationship with my husband has changed so dramatically after six happy years of marriage, all because of porn stories on the internet. My name is Jamie, and at the age of 28 I have a two year old son and a four month old daughter,… Continue reading »


The lit windows looked golden and inviting as my rig rumbled toward the little house at the end of the street. The place wasn’t much to look at and the neighborhood had seen better days. But fresh paint and flower boxes dripping with blue pansies made it feel cheerful and homey. Colleen’s eyes flitted anxiously… Continue reading »