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The Layover

You’re working on my instructions and they are to be followed to the letter: We’re taking a trip together and I’ve managed a stopover in Chicago so that we meet and fly on the same plane. A half hour before my flight is due to arrive, you go into the bathroom and remove the dildo… Continue reading »

Spencers Group

Maggie and I were sitting at an outside table in front of our favorite coffee house when two young ladies came by passing out a flyer. We didn’t pay much attention to the flier or the non-descript girls and continued discussing our favorite subject, old movies. With us were Greg and Mary, and Maggie’s two… Continue reading »

Birthday Cruise, Part Three

The ship’s elevator opened to Deck 15 and Anne hurried out towards the pool area. At each port of call, we had made a point of sitting in the hot tub at the back of the ship as we started to sail away. For reasons that I didn’t understand, Anne found that very interesting. But… Continue reading »

1st Kiss – How I Became an Exhibitionist

I love being an Exhibitionist. I love everything about it. Even now, my clit is twitching as I tell you how turned-on I get when I’m naked and being watched….OMG…my nipples just popped-up…I know that I won’t make it through writing this without having to stop to vibrate myself into an orgasm or two… Anyway…… Continue reading »


The room was dark when I first caught a glimpse of her as she walked past the window. The drapes were fully opened and I caught a flashing glimpse of white. Was she naked? I knew the figure walking by the window was a woman just by the curves of the shadow. I was working… Continue reading »

Ann Goes to Harpers Ferry

My hot little redhead, Ann, and I have fucked in some of the most unusual places.   The woman is generally insatiable when it comes to her sexual appetite and she certainly doesn’t get it sated at home.   Her executive husband never has time to take care of his wife’s needs but she also… Continue reading »