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My new room mate

Katy walked through the entrance of the red stone building. She smiled. It was first day of college, well sort of, they have what they call two social days. Two days to get to know people on campus and to get settled in. Katy was a cute nineteen-year-old, full of hopes and dreams. She had… Continue reading »


“Damn, damn, damn. Computer give me results of damage on the ‘squirt drive’.” ‘Squirt drive locked in drive mode and at full power. Attempting to cut power to drive to release controls and return to normal space.’ I had just hit execute on a jump when a ship coming out of jump slams into me… Continue reading »

What I Wanted Ch. 1

Introduction: This chapter is basically an intro. It has no sexual things, but there will be in other chapters. The characters of this story are not over 18. This is purely FICTION! Dont like? Dont read. ALSO, I dont know how this age restriction is going to work so just for precaution Ive changed Tonys… Continue reading »

The Devils Pact Chatper 50: The Bloody Knife

Introduction: Mark and Mary meet with Lilith on the one year anniversary of the Fall of Seattle, unaware of Liliths plan. The Devils Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Fifty: The Bloody Knife Visit my blog at On November 17th, 2014, the world seemed to belong to the Tyrants…. Continue reading »

Stormy Nights

Introduction: My friends, I give you PART 1! Please note -I did not make this story. -I do not take credit for making it. -This involves underage persons, if this offends you DO NOT READ IT! All day all I could think about was going to Rachels house after school. Its sixth period now and… Continue reading »

Stacey returns

Introduction: Adam has been waiting for Stacey to return will he get what he wants from her today It had been a few days since Adams surprise visit in the shop, Stacey hadnt been back so he figured it was just a one time thing but not that im complaining his dick seemed to say… Continue reading »

Fucking Molly Weasley

A flock of birds took off from a nearby tree. It was September. An hour later the sun rose from its horizon giving out it first rays of summer light that day. Everything was still. Sounds of people rising from the nearby house were distinguished from the sound coming from nearby places. It was the… Continue reading »

A Day at Home

The sky was gray and the air was cold as we were expecting snow we decided to stay in for the day and work around the house as I watch you painting the walls in the computer room my hormones begin to run wild as you look so sexy moving the way you are having… Continue reading »