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brothers love

Introduction: note, this is a gay story. its the first story i write so please comment and mabey a pt 2 will come. no haterz otherwise My brother and me have always been pretty close, you know, like most brothers. Basically if it where not for the age difference we would be even closer. im… Continue reading »

Spring Break, part 1

This is the same characters as in my previous two stories, but with the appropriate body parts ? We arrived Sunday night at our beach-side hotel in Savannah, Georgia for a week-long spring break during our sophomore year of college. After checking in and unpacking our clothes swimsuits, evening dresses, t-shirts, jeans, and sandals it… Continue reading »

Incest Diaries

Introduction: This Is Just Something That I Wrote, To Kill Time, as I Got Over, Writers Block For Wolf In Sheeps Clothing: Sophomore Year. Hope You Guys Enjoy. Dear Diary, I know its been a while since Ive written in you, but I just have to get this off my chest, and I know I… Continue reading »

Junior Sex Club 5

Introduction: Pins and Needles I found a much better rewritten version of this story once online, and regretted erasing it from my computer. Heres the origanal written by someone else….I take no credit it for this, but thought many of you might like it. I only which I could get my hands on the rewritten… Continue reading »

Late Evenings Parts 9 & 10

Part 9 We didnt have any plans for the upcoming weekend, so nothing fun happened. Judy let me fuck her a couple of times, which was better than nothing, but it wasnt anything too exciting and just the regular old missionary position before going to sleep. Early the next week, I think it was a… Continue reading »

Amys Panties 5 – The Reuinion

Introduction: Amy gets dirty –This is the fifth story in my series about Amy, a young girl who finds herself exploring different sexual urges. Also included in this story, Amys younger sister Lana and an older woman named Lisa. I suggest reading the past stories and history first if youve recently stumbled onto this chapter… Continue reading »

The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 11

Introduction: Great fight I do NOT own Naruto, but then again neither do you, that Honor belongs to Kishimoto. Here another long chapter. The story continues . . . . . . . PLZ REVIEW after you read Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/DarkCloud75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 1… Continue reading »


Introduction: her hands felt in the dark….. ___ Where I growed up our parents ran a still thing that made whiskey. They was a gone for weeks at time. Im Bella and my sister is Jennifer. We caint read or write, so Ben is a writin this for me on his flip box thing, or… Continue reading »

Actress & Me ( Part 9 The Conclusion)

Introduction: This is the final chapter of this story, if you enjoyed the story Please Vote In 2006 Shaun graduated from high school, and he attended college at UCLA. Shaun has been working with TJ, and the production company through his high school years, and in the summer months when school was not in session…. Continue reading »

Jessinta Ch02B – Tuesday

Introduction: This is the continuing saga of Jessinta Jovanoski (Jovi to my friends). I am a fifteen year old adventurous teenager. Being of a pasty white complexion and with mild red hair, I was a little different from the usual school crowd. I was of small stature and my attributes were too, 152 (501), 45kg… Continue reading »