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Russian House

One of our friends is Russian and wanted to celebrate her birthday in the city at a Russian restaurant. If youve never been to a Russian party, youre missing it, they know how to party. There is food, vodka and dancing all night long. The restaurant she picked had a motel across the parking lot… Continue reading »

iCarly: iGet Raped

Introduction: Carly learns not to fuck with freddy Warning:This story features Incestual relations and brutal rape, if you are not into this type of thing i recommend you leave now. ALSO, please excuse any spelling/grammatical/punctual errors as English is my second language. Carly was in the shower, warm water running down her slim, naked body…. Continue reading »

Alpha And Beta

Introduction: The main characters are wolf hybrids. The female is wolf and human and the male is wolf/vampire. He is alpha over a wolf pack and she is his beta. Kristopher had gotten up very early that morning to check in with his wolves. His pack in particular, a very large one, got up early… Continue reading »

Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes Part 2

Introduction: Heres part 2 Four Years Later The jukebox whispered out a gentle melody as Miley shuffled around the room, wiping up tables and stacking chairs. She didnt make much money waitressing, but she needed all she could get. She had just finished a double shift and her bones ached with weariness by the time… Continue reading »

Shes in control?

Introduction: James has to keep to the rules, shes in control. She decides everything. My first story. Just a heads up, my grammar is not perfect. ———————————————– The door opened slowly and inch by inch I started seeing her, her legs shapely, the skin he knew was soft and smelled of sweet jasmine, her hips… Continue reading »

Ohh Mom: Pt. 1

Alright this is my first story ever. I just wanted to say that some of these parts are true and some are just fantasies that Ive had. Im open to all criticism and comments. If you have an idea that you would like to share for one of my next stories sent me a message…. Continue reading »

Discipline from Jen

Introduction: The beginning of being dominated by my wife Chapter #1 I stood there in the shower, griping my hard-on tightly in my hand while anxiously waiting for a sign that she had agreed to my proposal. About thirty minutes earlier, after returning from dinner, Jennifer and I had sat in the car, not wanting… Continue reading »

Best Beach Day

Introduction: so what is that……… The day after Thanksgiving my wife and I went to a local nude beach. Living in south Florida does have its benefits. The sky was clear blue and the temperature was a nice 80 degrees with zero humidity. We have gone to the nude beach a few times in the… Continue reading »

Passion & Pleasure:Lexa and Ryan

Introduction: A simple passionate story about a very loving young couple (& thier sex life) The warmth of my blankets make it close to imposible for me to leave the comfort of freshly cleaned sheets. I could seriously stay in this state of perfection for whole days before wanting to leave. Ahhhhh, Ryan lets out… Continue reading »

Ten to Six

Introduction: The electricians extra tool, is put to good use TEN TO SIX The doorbell rang for the third time before Fran Shannon could make it up the stairs. She had been busy in the basement trying to figure out what to do with all of the water. She glanced at the clock in the… Continue reading »