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M Wifes Black Addiction

Introduction: A story of a white wife and mothers journey to black cock addiction! How many times have I witnessed this scene? Her gaze is directed at her Black lovers face, a look that tells him of her submission to him etched almost painfully on her face. Her look shows many things, a determination to… Continue reading »

Janet Continues Her Exporation

Introduction: Janets descent into interracial sex continues… Janet Continues Her Exploration Part V I realized my wife found what shed been searching for and our relationship changed forever that night. Wed asked for it when we began looking for other men to have sex with Janet. After Roger introduced Janet to his huge penis it… Continue reading »

Black Neighbor Asks Me For Help

Mike and Keisha live across the street from us. Over the years, they have become our best friends. We do everything together including going on vacations. Therefore, it came as no surprise that one day Keisha took me aside and asked. “Dave could you do me a big favor hon.”“Sure Babe what is it?”Mike is… Continue reading »

Awakening of Alexis – part 1

The Awakening of Alexis – Part 1 I can’t say that I really regret anything that’s happened. Step by step it’s been unbelievably exciting. Let me explain what happened. I am in my late forties and Alexis, my wife of some 18 years, is the same age. She is tall, fairly slim, with brown eyes… Continue reading »

The Crash

I had no clue I would be meeting anyone, especially at the hardware store. I was wearing pants, work boots and a cut off T-shirt. This was the week that I planned to spend rebuilding the porch around the house. I was at hardware store picking up the nails, flashing and some miscellaneous tools. As… Continue reading »

Foreign Spices (Part 3 of 3)

Three months later… How did she end up like this? Nara lay on the bed alone trying to remain calm. So many thoughts and conflicting emotions rattling through her head…how did she let it get to this point? She had come to the hotel room to talk, only to talk then say good-bye. That was… Continue reading »

The new hire at work

After I got divorced I had to get a better job. I had gotten my degree online and was hired by a distribution company as an office manager. It’s a great job and one I still have today. This story took place about 5 years ago. My son was off at college and my daughter… Continue reading »

Taming Of Damon

Damon Morris was a 19 year old freshman at the local university going through the motions. He was finally able to leave the confines of his home and experience life on his own with out mom and dad all over him. He was in his history class listening to his professor go over the lesson,… Continue reading »

My Lady & Me

Introduction: Our life time relationship & sex My Lady & Me ( A True Story) My Lady and I struggled sexually the first 30 years of our married life. Probably not much different than all other marriages. We spent of our life together those years working very hard to establish our professional lives, raising a… Continue reading »

Something about Jennifer

 Jennifer was a very shy girl, yet an intelligent student in class. Somewhere in the nooks of Liverpool was a house, where Jennifer lived with her parents and brother. Her father was an executive, he was very gentle in nature, very charming person, her mother Barbara was a typical housewives, engaged in chores, some or… Continue reading »