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Home for Christmas Again

The next morning I felt different, as doubts started to plague me, while I admit to having enjoyed what had happened to me yet it also scared me. I had butter flies in my stomach as it occupied my mind as I sat there trying to eat some breakfast. Mother told me she had some… Continue reading »

Carla and Alice

“Lada dedadeda de, la de da, la de da,” Carla hummed a snippet of Mozart’s Minuet in G to herself as she dialed the phone. “Hi, Carla! What are you up to, girlfriend?” Alice asked into the phone. “How did you know… oh, duh. Caller ID. Silly me. I just finished an experiment, and thought… Continue reading »

Caught By My Boss

It was a boring Saturday night. I was 16 and had no plans. It was summer and all my friends were out of town. I was watching TV when my cell rang. It was Mrs Sellars from next door. She was 28 and beautiful. I hadn’t had sexual feelings for women before and was still… Continue reading »

A Genny Story… Going to The Deja Vu

This is an adventure I had at an all nude strip club in Lansing Michigan. I am Genny In that spring that I had first met Melly, I had just over two years onthe fire department. I had been all through my training and probation,and was running on the engine at headquarters and really loving… Continue reading »

Student Nurse, Part 1: Kates Heartbreak

Student Nurse Part 1: Kate’s Heartbreak At home over Christmas break of her last year in nursing school, Kate found it tough to stay true to her boyfriend, Brad. Seeing her parents and friends and relations was fun, but one handsome old boyfriend tried to date her and a very broad shouldered guy came on… Continue reading »

A New Toy

Megan looks shocked as she lies sprawled on the floor, hearing her own mother utter the desire for a turn. With her sensitive pussy still quivering from the epic teasing that it had received from Becky and cum still dripping out, she looks round at the other girls and Caitlin stands up and whispers something… Continue reading »

Lana 5

Saturday morning arrived bright and clear and it was decided over breakfast that we’d go to the coast. It seemed only natural for Sophie and me to sit in the back of Lana’s Jaguar while the identical twins sat in the front. They were not identically dressed this morning. Both wore jeans, it’s true but… Continue reading »


A pleasure model. Becky had been thinking about getting one for awhile. More and more people had been talking about them lately and at first she had thought it was a joke. But she soon realized after meeting a few of them at parties and dinners that they were the real deal. They weren’t run-of-the-mill… Continue reading »

Two Girls and Truth or Dare

“Okay, awesome. See you then!” Click! I hang up the phone after making plans to see my best friend Veronica. I look at my watch and it’s 2:30. I have half an hour till Veronica gets here. First I run to my room closing the door behind me and walk over to my closet flinging… Continue reading »

I Love My Bestie Part One

‘Good morning beautiful,’ Alan said while he caressed Sonia, softly kissing her as he outlined her curves through her bathrobe. ‘Good morning baby,’ she replied with a bright smile while cooking eggs. ‘Imagine it, in two days we’ll have this big old house to ourselves.’ ‘Mmm you got that right, two days. Which means you can… Continue reading »