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Elderly man meets sexy girl next door

First of all I want to say that I’m not one of those promiscuous girls who sleeps with every cute guy I meet. It was safe to say when I was younger I was actually very prude. I’ve had several opportunities since then to explore different situations and positions with men. Still I’m not the… Continue reading »

Making Do

I kicked the sheets into a tangle and stumbled, bleary-eyed, across our tiny efficiency to turn off the excited morning voices of Karlson & McKenzie cackling from the clock radio.  I reminded myself yet again that I needed to get an alarm that didn’t automatically reset every day, annoyed at the 8AM wakeup for a… Continue reading »

Cuckold in the Making

Funny all J and I had done was kiss. But in a way my crush on J was a harbinger of a lot of my future relationships. It was an innocent age then, the 1950s and I was a good Catholic guy. This is how I learned the hard way that other guys weren’t so… Continue reading »

Ludivine & Astrid, Twin s****rs

Ludivine & Astrid, Twin s****rs Fiction We are two cute twin s****rs. We are both blond and very much alike looking. We love to wear sportswear clothes. And sneakers. We like to wear those clothes directly on our skin. It is very pleasant to the skin either with the smoothness of the fleece or with… Continue reading »

Pornstar Cameraman

Michelle sat on the bed with her red dildo in one hand, her other hand rubbing her fully erect nipples. In, out, in, out, in her wet pussy. She had done this many times, she was a fully fledged pornstar, respected on many sites. She loved the life, and she also worked as a prostitute… Continue reading »

Daddy Gives Me A Present

Introduction: Girl gets a late-birthday present from her father My panting increased as my fingers quickened their pace on my clit. The soft throbbing of my young pussy urging me to go on, to climax and take me to euphoria. As sounds of my tight wet pussy grew louder with my moans, I listened to… Continue reading »

s****r-in-law fun–true!

My wife has always been jealous of her younger s****r’s 44 DD chest, and I guess you could say I am jealous as well. Comparing a B cup to a D cup is like apples and oranges, though I do love to titty-fuck my wife’s. But I’ve always hoped to catch a glimpse of my… Continue reading »

Crack Addict

Crack Addict 1:05PM on April 28, 2008 … Ever had a panty job ? …you know .. kinda like an upgraded dry hump ? ..It’s wear you get your partner to drop their pants / dress .. they lay on their stomach on a bed, couch or chair while you grind and rub your cock… Continue reading »