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My Beautiful Brianna 7

Introduction: High school sweet hearts get married. My Beautiful Beautiful Wife Brianna 7. We are married!! She is my wife, and I cannot tell you how happy I am! There are no words that can be used! After my last entry I spent the rest of the time having my pictures taken, with my best… Continue reading »

My Box&hellip, (Pt.4)

Introduction: I got so wet writing this. So I hope you enjoy as much as I did. (: Whats the surprise I said grabbing my clutch. You he said leading me out to the limo. Me, the hell. This man has a lot of mystery to me that shit turns me completely on. Listen to… Continue reading »

Winter of My Discontent

Introduction: A last night with ones true love. Im not really sure how to start my story. Is it too clich&eacute, of me to say, It was a dark and stormy night? Or should I give some backstory first? Im trying to finally write out the worst single day of my life and I cant… Continue reading »

William and Ann Ch. 4

Introduction: The siblings fun and explorations continue until… William and Ann Chapter 4 The clock neared midnight as William and Ann got into the bathtub and turned on the shower. Anyone looking at these siblings would have thought they were high school sweethearts. They couldnt keep their hands and lips off one another. The scent… Continue reading »

Quieting the Storms for Katie

Introduction: A story about a woman confused and hurting. Her sexuality cant be contained in the narrow parameters people set for her. Warning There are no dicks in this story. Thats just the way it turned out. Just girls and vegetables. The story is based on a very troubled, narcissistic nymphomaniac I knew very well…. Continue reading »

Dirty Black Summer

Introduction: Its a dirty black summer Dirty Black Summer written by Marc Rollins No summer in the Winter time Will keep you warm like a funeral pyre And theres nothing like an August night Drenched in your loving Ive got a dirty black Summer And nothing in the coolest light Can stop the walking out… Continue reading »

BBW Xenia

Introduction: Big girls keep you warm all the time BBW Xenia My psychologists name is Xenia Jones, honest to God that really is her name. Why I had to see her is a side story. Ill give you the short version: I was about to leave a restaurant one afternoon when this young guy, about… Continue reading »

The Lucky Limo

Introduction: This is a story I wrote for my boyfriend, but I was curious the response it would get. It is the first story I have ever written like this so please comment on it and let me know what you think. Im very curious. This is the first story Ive ever written. I know… Continue reading »

Daddy am I normal?

Introduction: This is complete fiction,and my first story.I wanted to try and expan my writing from just supernatural fiction to sex stories *shrugs* I guess well see how it goes…. I never considered myself an average looking 16 year old.I have long stringy blonde hair,natural inch boobs,58,curvy and always was always horny,I never had a… Continue reading »


weve both looked forward this this night all week, me being on nights an you being on long days, weve really not seen each other, other than a quick hello/goodbye as we pass in the evenings. you leaving for work before i return in the mornings an me heading out to work as you get… Continue reading »