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My Neighbors Incest Part V

Introduction: More of the summer time fun. Please note: When I started this story, it was going to end at part III. The only way for the story to continue, was for part three to change. So, dont be confused, or upset! Stuff that happened originally in part III is gone, it has been wiped… Continue reading »

math class

I was late to math class the other day and the only seat left was next to a girl i never really talked to before. about half way through class she gives me a note that says im bored sit closer. i move closer and when the teacher i turned wrighting on the black board… Continue reading »


Introduction: Janice, a story about a wife, mother, nympho I met Janice in my freshman year of college. We had a few courses together, so we had some talking points to get to know each other better. Janice was beautiful with a soft smile that just someway brightened up the day. Her hair was an… Continue reading »

My Humiliation

Introduction: A large crowd of older boys stood around the room watching and laughing. They drank their beers and cheered him on. Note:Based on fiction only. This is a dark fantasy of mine. This story involves graphic rape and should not be viewed by anyone offended by such material. A large crowd of older boys… Continue reading »