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Stuffed Belly

(Some years ago, I posted this on another website. Ive touched it up a bit for its 2nd debut here.) Stuffed Belly A Belly Tale By Paul Gazer I found Penny sprawled on her kitchen floor in a ring of dead beer bottles and donut boxes, cradling her straining belly and groaning like a cow… Continue reading »

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 36: Wet & Wild

Introduction: A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! Authors Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please… Continue reading »

Just Friends Part 2

To begin with, Sophie’s decision not to see Justin again gave her a warm sense of vengeful satisfaction. After all, if she was such an embarrassment to him and his prissy girlfriend, why should she waste her time? She didn’t return Justin’s calls and the one time he spoke to her on the phone she… Continue reading »

Molly Entertains (I Dare You)

Molly was pissed.   “How did I get talked into this?”   She thought as she pulled on her tight jeans and sucked in her breath so she could close the zipper.   As reluctant as she was to keep this appointment, it had taken her longer than normal to get going.   Now she… Continue reading »

Championship Sex

‘It’s just a game right?’ I replied after being asked to attend Rob’s footy match. ‘Of course, it’s not like a hooligan riot will occur..’ laughed Rob at my sad attempt at a joke. In result I playfully punched him after he made that snide remark. Rob then wandered off into his room to gear… Continue reading »

Alexas Game

I get back to my desk from the end-of-the-week departmental meeting and see the light blinking on my phone. I have a voicemail. Do I want to check it? I just had a bunch more workload dumped in my lap at that meeting and I’ve got plenty of work to do. Oh, what the heck…. Continue reading »

Awakening From A Dream

Awakening from the Dream The dream. It starts at a work happy hour at a downtown bar. A neighborhood type place, except it is in the middle of a bunch of office buildings. It’s the dive the professionals go to, not the locals. I go with the usual crowd, the usual b.s. around the office,… Continue reading »

Post-Modern Love: Part 1

To: TouchOfGrayFrom: A.M.Subject: Lushstories Feedback Dear Touch, I’m sure you thought there was only a slight chance that you would hear from me again someday. “Slight” is sometimes enough. I have to believe, however, that you never expected to hear from me via this venue, an erotic story Web site, nor that I would somehow… Continue reading »

A night at the gym

It’s late at night in a strange hotel room. You can’t sleep, so you make your way to the gym. You need to work of some stress. You feel tense, pent up energy inside you, so you get on the treadmill. You run fast, uphill, for longer than you normally do, feeling the power in… Continue reading »

Dish Served Cold 2

Dish Served Cold 2 Don Abdul © Mrs. Robinson avoided Roman for the next one week. Not trusting herself to act the part of the prim and proper matron, and fearing that others might notice, she thought it best to stay away from him for the time being. Although she had been thinking of him,… Continue reading »