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The Adventures of Marie and Nick

I sit down at the table, waiting for something interesting to happen. My parents were out of town for the weekend, and Jessica was about to leave on a week-long vacation with her boyfriend. I was gonna be home alone. Being a good little Christian, I am still a virgin. Of course, I’m only 17…. Continue reading »

Uncle Fucked Mom To Satisfaction

I and mom stay in Mumbai, Dad works abroad and visits only once a year, Mom is originally from west Bengal where hottest of hottest women stay ( In west bengal ) and mom was very sexy and very fair which most of the women in west bengal are sexy. As Dad was abroad, Dad… Continue reading »

Fun at my mate engagement party

I’m sitting at my mates engagement party bored out of my skull as I appear to be the only person not in a couple. I slip off to the toilet to see who is local on fab. The first profile I see is my mate new fiance Cheryl whose party I am now attending and… Continue reading »


SHE JUST MIGHT HAVE BEEN HIS FAVORITE It was another night of passionate lovemaking. The old man hadn’t had it this good since his middle granddaughter paid him a visit a little over six months ago. Kate was going to be a good fuck, but then all his girls were good. He had trained them… Continue reading »

The truth behind Beach Sex

I sat yesterday and divulged many of the ‘Beach Sex’ videos, on offer. Speaking for myself, a good romp in the sand video, is only enhanced when the camera, has a limited point of view and can only be zoomed-in and out. True Beach Sex scenes are normally committed in secrecy, with the participants normally… Continue reading »

NaughtyGirl Round One

I was away on a business trip, was a long day. I went to the bar at the hotel for a few drinks before heading to my room. The bar wasn’t very busy but I noticed her as soon as I walked in. She was hot as hell, young for this 45 year old guy… Continue reading »

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Wonderfuk Love

Ahhhh Wonderfuk Love By: Londebaaz Chohan [ Siblings in Love] This is a story and should be taken as a story. Any resemblance of names, events or acts are only a chance. Hope you enjoy reading it and PLEASE send some COMMENTS. Thank You……….. Chohan **************************************************************************************** To be honest I, [John Sanford] had always wanted… Continue reading »

Aunties Surprise(2)

I woke with my cock telling me I had a good night only to find Catherine straddling my chest, my arms pinned under her knees, ‘don’t tell what happened last night or we’ll both be sent away’ I struggled to move her but either because I was half asl**p or her fanny was an inch… Continue reading »

“Honor Student in Heat”

“Honor Student in Heat” My wife’s niece has been in “Talented and Gifted” classes as long as I can remember and it earned her a full grant into an H.B.C.U. After her first two years of higher education she was coming to stay with my wife and me for a month. Having started college early… Continue reading »

the night my auntie saw me naked

This is a true story, something that happend when i was 19 years old. I was staying at my cousins house one mid winters night. We had been playing 5 a side football down at the local recreation club and had returned home. It was about 8 o clock in the evening and we got… Continue reading »