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my first time with another girl

This is a true story about my first lesbian encounter, it happened a couple of years ago (I was 14 at the time) when I had to be placed in foster care through no fault of my own, the family I was placed with were quite well off, they had two kids, a son &… Continue reading »

It all started with Road Head

Introduction: This time me and Tyler were hanging out… So we were riding down the road in my friend Tylers car talkin it up and hanging out. Tyler has always been a cool guy to me, especially through high school. Im not a virgin by any means but I keep myself good and tight by… Continue reading »

Girl with flies

Introduction: A true story how I got new kinky way to keep fun How that all did start? I am a young woman, aged 22 from scandinavian country and now I am working here in some west/middle-african country near Sahara and Sahel deserts. My organization helps children to have better education and trying to teach… Continue reading »

Bree 5 – Bree & Suzanne

Introduction: Wifes Girlfriend Encounters a Dog NOTE: If you have not read the Bree stories 1 thru 3, I would highly suggest you do so you can have a perspective of the past history of the people involved, the events that had lead up to each individual related chapter and how this lifestyle has evolved… Continue reading »

Depraved housewife

Introduction: Ive always fantasized about fucking animals-this was a chance encounter that may possibly lead to more. If you are easily offended or grossed out, please do not read. I have to admit, the idea of sex with animals has always been intriguing to me. Just to look at me, youd probably never guess the… Continue reading »

After the Reception

“Man, that is nice,” Todd muttered to his cousin Steve as they watched the bridesmaid bend down to set the armload of presents she was carrying in the trunk of Brad’s car. Todd had been paired with her in the wedding party, and had danced with her quite a bit. As the evening wore on,… Continue reading »

Stolen Slave Part Three

Introduction: After my escape Stolen Slave, Escape Part Three Master K had me and it was as I feared it would be. I was collared and kept as his pet, forced to await his orders and pleasure. When he left for work, he put me in my kennel, a heavy square cage that, once locked,… Continue reading »

Mi primera experiencia L&eacute,sbico-Fetichista

Introduction: Norma y la belleza de sus piernas me ten&iacute,an obsesionada Como he expresado ya en relatos anteriores, soy una fogosa bisexual fetichista de pies femeninos, y si es que han le&iacute,do mis relatos, ver&aacute,n que s&oacute,lo me hab&iacute,a limitado a narrarles acontecimientos de corte fetichista ocurridos con mis amantes varones. Hace poco tuve un… Continue reading »