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The Repair Man & The Horny Wife

Introduction: Wife goes ahead and does something wrong My husband had a very demanding job at the hospital and he was never home. As a surgeon in a renowned hospital in town, he would get phone calls even in the middle of the night, to rush out and try to save lives. I was just… Continue reading »

The Land Lords Wife

My name is Brian and this is a completely fictional story of the neighbor’s wife who is also the landlord of the house that I rent. I am renting a two story, three bedroom house that sits right next to the landlord’s house. They are about 30 feet from each other. In my house downstairs,… Continue reading »

They Always Knew It Would Come To This

People say that friends make terrible partners, because friendships with sex involved become messy and hard to recover from. I say this point is moot. It’s not that friends can’t do this, it’s that their friendships aren’t strong enough to handle it. It’s rather important now that I draw upon this memory to show that… Continue reading »

First Time With Jas

I had become lonely and unsatisfied in my marriage, so I decide to join one of the adult online websites. I was not looking for a new relationship, just someone to hook-up with, fuck, and have good conversation with if the opportunity arose. I met Jas online. After his first message, I could tell he… Continue reading »

A Fantasy Shared With My Wife Part 2

This is a continuation of A Fantasy Shared with My Wife. In this story we discuss the potential of her reliving her night with a man with a big black cock. This leads to some amazing sex between my wife and I. “So, the thought of me with a big black cock turns you on?”… Continue reading »

Actress & Me ( Part 9 The Conclusion)

Introduction: This is the final chapter of this story, if you enjoyed the story Please Vote In 2006 Shaun graduated from high school, and he attended college at UCLA. Shaun has been working with TJ, and the production company through his high school years, and in the summer months when school was not in session…. Continue reading »

Fucking Your Wife Ch-12

By the time Audrey and Donald returned from breakfast Katrina and Jeff were dressed and finishing their coffee. “How was ‘Brekky? Audrey asked, now emulating Donald’s pronunciation. “Breakfast was nice,” Katrina replied evenly. “We had the TV news on and there was a story about the problem on the ship but nothing that added to… Continue reading »

Forbidden Encounters

Since his last visit to Larry’s Mum’s house, Matt had hardly thought of anything else. Being his best friend’s Mum, he had always attempted to keep any ‘thoughts’ he might have under mental lock and key. Being alone with her in her kitchen, while Larry was in hospital and her husband working away, had gotten… Continue reading »