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My Box&hellip, (Pt.4)

Introduction: I got so wet writing this. So I hope you enjoy as much as I did. (: Whats the surprise I said grabbing my clutch. You he said leading me out to the limo. Me, the hell. This man has a lot of mystery to me that shit turns me completely on. Listen to… Continue reading »

The Truth & Nothing But The Truth

Introduction: Ive never wrote a sex story before, and Im not exactly sure how Im going to do this, I just know I want to write this. This story is a true story, but you might have read the first part of this story before. I wrote the story and since reality was so behind… Continue reading »

Juiane and Jack

Introduction: please give me any positive and negative comments on this story, and i havent been writing in awhile, and i will accept amy comments. I will make a squal if more negatives than positives, but i do hope you enjoy. Now know right now, this is just the start of the story, and there… Continue reading »

Shes a Runner, Rebel, & a Stunner: Chapter One

Introduction: This is the beginning of the end for gorgeous Rachel Reed and her sexy best friend Carolina Stemp. ———————————————————————— This is my first story. I appreciate any feedback I can get. Its more story than sex right now, but that will most likely change later on. All characters will be 18 or above, as… Continue reading »

Heaven & Hell 2

Introduction: For what seems like forever, angels and demons have been at war with each other and have been said to be unable to stand the presence of one another… but it seems this angel and demon have come to an agreement between their heaven & hell Chapter 2: Hell She thinks it started somewhere… Continue reading »

Jessicas Capture – Part 6 of 10

Introduction: Its Slaughter time!! Jessica and Jerry proceed with her training, she will learn to slaughter two very mouthy bitches, who love to fight. Jessicas Capture Story: #20 Copyright 2005 Written: January 26 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) [email protected]***** Part 6 – The… Continue reading »