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All I Want Is You Ch. 03

(Many special thanks to longonenow2004 for his contributions, feedback and wonderful encouragement. Without him, this story would never have been written…) Mark and I sat by the pool long into the night as we talked and learnt more about each other. The bottle of Cava was replaced by another and it was very late when… Continue reading »

An Ordinary Man’s Life Ch. 46

Dear Readers, I apologize for the delay of this chapter, however, please take into consideration that writing it, editing it, going over it again and finally submitting it takes time, sometimes longer than expected or wanted. That’s life. We can’t change that. So please be patient for the next chapters to submit. My editor is… Continue reading »

Barbie Doll Ch. 02

Barbie Doll – an old man enjoying with a real life doll LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All sexually active characters are above the age… Continue reading »

All in a Week Ch. 01

Chapter 1 Day 1 Samantha Anne Lee, at eighteen, was already sick of the male species. As of tonight, or rather, this morning, she had been dumped for the third time in two years. Of course, that didn’t count the many she had run away from or just ignored. She had to admit it: she… Continue reading »

Anything for You Ch. 01

The silence, already long, now seemed to be spiralling into eternity. Oh God. What the hell had I done? Drew looked up at me at last, the confusion in his brown eyes only serving to deepen my mortification. ‘This is a joke, right?’ For a split second, I toyed with the idea of agreeing with… Continue reading »

Bad Habits Pt. 02: Temptation

Author’s note: I didn’t plan to write a part 2, but something inspired me. This is once again dedicated to C, who seems to provide me with so much inspiration. ***** I have to confess, I was more than a little disappointed after the disappearance of Camilla. While she wasn’t the only motivator in my… Continue reading »

ASMTD Ch. 08

June 23 Our time in Brussels flies by too fast and Zurich is a sleep deprived blur. The only vivid recollection I have is of the Swiss Alps from my bus window. Breathtaking, larger than life snow capped mountains with tiny towns beneath them. I feel like dressing in a wide hoop skirt and singing… Continue reading »

An English House Party Ch. 03

Note from the author: Thanks to those who caught my little mistake, I can now correct the age gap. Penelope is twenty years old and the Marquess is thirty-two. They grew up as children and were contracted to be married by their fathers when she was six, and he eighteen. So there is a twelve-year… Continue reading »

An Ordinary Man’s Life Ch. 27

Edited by tangentjoker. Great job. Thank you. ***** It was a quarter to 1 pm when the doorbell rang. Todd and his housemates had already finished a light lunch with grilled cheese and tomato soup and were relaxing at one of the seating areas. Everybody knew what this meant to be. Dan looked with an… Continue reading »

At Peak Lodge

I could have flown. But flying at Christmastime is always such hassle. Full flights. Expensive flights. Everyone trying to sneak aboard double their allocation of carry-on baggage. All tripping over one another. Chaotic airports. And even after putting up with all that, I would still have needed to hire a car at the other end…. Continue reading »