Sex Money – The Finale

By   25 February 2017

Jim took a gulp of chilled lemonade before leaning back in his chair, a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth. Leon was watching him, green eyes analysing every last move, brow slightly furrowed as he contemplated his next move. Jim sighed in mock-boredom and drummed his fingertips on the polished oak table before taking a final glance at his cards. Leon’s eyes narrowed and then he jerked his chin forward,

“Go on then.” He nodded at Jim’s cards which lay face down on the table, “Let’s see how hot you really are.”

Jim smiled, “You sure? You’re all done? You don’t need a couple more hours to decide what – ”

“I’m done.” Leon scowled, “We’ll see who’s laughing when you’re buying the drinks next weekend.”

Jim smiled again, “God, after all the poker I’ve played, all the thousands I’ve gambled with…this is like the most important game of my life. And all that’s riding on it is six beers.”

Leon finally smiled, “I know what you mean.” He nodded at Jim’s cards again, “Quit stalling. Show me.”

Jim couldn’t hide his grin, “Well, I guess there’s no need to prolong your agony.” He flipped his cards over and grinned at the shock on his opponent’s face, “Sorry Leon. But I read you like a book.” He shook his head, “You’re too easy! You might be able to beat Heidi and all your friends but me?” He leaned back and stretched contentedly, “I’m in a class of my own.”

Leon sighed, “You are.” He muttered grudgingly, “I hate to say it but you really are.” He toyed with his cards as an almost sympathetic Jim looked on. “You see,” Leon began turning his cards over, one by one, “Only problem is…” Jim’s jubilant grin faded slightly as Leon uncovered his hand.

“No.” he muttered in disbelief, “That’s…hang on…” By the time the final ace was flipped over it seemed their expressions had swapped places.

“…..I’m in the class above.” Leon concluded as Jim let out a cry of pent up frustration. “Better luck next time.”


It was late by the time Heidi unlocked the door to her apartment. Jim was still complaining, claiming that he wasn’t on form, saying that he let Leon win until she eventually told him to shut up or go home. It was a couple of seconds before he realised she was serious and took the wise decision to keep quiet.

And he didn’t mention the poker again. The evening progressed comfortably, takeout pizza and beer making up the menu as Rush Hour played on the TV, the volume just low enough to suit the mood. Watching the movie didn’t seem to be the main priority though, Jim thought to himself, as they talked late into the night, discussing anything and everything until eventually they’d both had one beer too many and the conversation was replaced by a pack of cards. Blackjack seemed to be the only game they could manage though and it wasn’t long before the cards ended up in a heap on the carpet, the TV was turned off and all too soon, the night descended.


Heidi woke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping insistently. Her face was buried in Jim’s neck and she groaned, tried to clear her head of the early morning fuzz which had come courtesy of the previous night’s alcohol. Flashing red digits told her it was half past six. And it was Friday. Which meant work. And since she’d already changed her hours to take Saturday’s off, there was no chance she’d get away with staying home. Reluctantly, she dragged herself away from Jim’s warm body and shut the alarm off.

Jim stirred, “Hey.” Yawning, he propped himself up on an elbow and watched as she stepped out of bed. “Where’re you going?”


“Aww…” Jim groaned, “Come back here. Take the day off.”

“You know I can’t.” Heidi sighed as she picked up their clothes from the floor, “I’ll see you tonight though.”

Jim groaned in response.

Heidi ran a hand through her hair, “Don’t you have work?”

“Yeah.” He rolled over, “I don’t have to get in till eleven though. You’re meeting me there, right? Half six?”

“Yeah.” Heidi didn’t have the heart to force him out of bed, “Look, I’ll leave my key here. You lock up when you’re going, OK?”

“Sure. Whatever.”

Heidi left him to it, showering and dressing as quickly as her body allowed. Half an hour later, Jim still hadn’t moved a single muscle. Heidi left the key on the bedside table and shut the door softly behind her.


The mirror in the elevator was dirty. A days worth of fingerprints obscured Heidi’s reflection as she checked to make sure she looked just about presentable. Content, she leaned back against the cool metal wall and smiled to herself.

Friday nights with Jim were always worth looking forward to. Full of excitement, heat and good old-fashioned fun. It didn’t really matter where they went, whether they were alone or with friends, they always managed to have a great time. And then they’d have the whole weekend to catch up on each others news and just chill out together. Perfect.

The elevator stopped all too soon on the fourth floor and she stepped out, made her way across to Jim’s office.

“Hey.” She poked her head around the door before stepping inside and shutting it softly behind her. “You still working?”

Jim gave a non-committal grunt before looking up, “Sorry.”

“It’s OK.” Heidi dropped her bag down onto one of the chairs and went to look out of the window, “How long’s it gonna take?”

Jim sighed, rolled back his swivel chair and went to look in one of the endless filing cabinets which lined the magnolia painted walls, “Just a couple of minutes. How was work?”

“Not bad.” Heidi gazed down at the cars and buildings, “You know, when I got my promotion, I thought it just meant more money and status. Now I realise it kinda means more work too.” She looked at him, “Know what I mean?”

Jim didn’t answer, engrossed in some file. Heidi turned back to look at the busy traffic below, imagining how much fuel was being burnt to keep the city alive. The cars, the lights, the noise, it was all running along so efficiently and with such ease. Heidi couldn’t imagine it any other way. The whole system had been engineered to complete perfection and it worked amazingly.

“Oh yeah.” Jim glanced in her direction, his voice interrupting her thoughts. “Your mom called. At your apartment. This morning.”

Heidi frowned and turned back to look at him, “Huh? My mom?”

“Yep.” Jim didn’t seem particularly bothered. “Said her and Pete were having some birthday party.”

Heidi looked suitably bewildered, “But I haven’t spoken to her in years. She doesn’t even have my number.”

“Hmm.” Jim sat down in his chair again, and began looking through another file.

“Well what did you say to her?” There was a somewhat jumpy edge to Heidi’s voice.

“I said you were at work. And that you’d go.” He glanced up, “To the party, I mean.”

“What?” Heidi stared at him disbelievingly, “Jim, you know what things are like with her!”

Jim didn’t respond, too busy tapping numbers into his keyboard and flipping through stacks of paperwork. Suddenly, she hated him. Arrogant bastard. He hadn’t even looked up, he was so absorbed in gross profit and sales variances.

“Jim? For god’s sake!”

Finally he turned. And smiled. “Record sales.” He confided with a grin, “Good, right?”

“No!” Heidi cried out in frustration, “Not good! Jim, why the hell would you say that to her?!”

He sighed, waiting for a spreadsheet to load, “I wanted to make things right.”

Heidi shook her head, trying to think of some way she could make him believe what a mistake he’d made. It was all so screwed up. She was going to have to go to this godforsaken birthday party, make small talk with Pete of all people, act like everything was OK, when it wasn’t. Everything was so wrong. “I can’t believe this.”

“Me neither.” Jim was grinning at the computer screen again.

“Right. I’m going.” Heidi picked up her bag and turned around, hardly daring to believe how unconcerned he was.

“Whoa!” Jim’s undivided attention arrived a few seconds too late. “Heidi, wait. I was going to…”

“Save it.” It was the only two words she could manage without her voice trembling. As if she needed him anyway. He was just an annoying, selfish…interfering…

His hand grabbed her arm, “Heidi, c’mon. Seriously, just chill out. You’re not leaving.”

“Yes, I am.” Her fingers closed around the door handle.

“Where’re you going?”

“Where?” Heidi shook his hand off, “Home.”

“You can’t.” Jim’s calm voice didn’t suit the conversation. He sounded…relaxed. What the fuck?


Heidi looked at him in confused exasperation. “Why can’t I?”

“Because I’ve got your key. Since this morning.” Jim shrugged almost apologetically. “And I won’t let you leave like this.” He leaned against the door, “Heidi, sit down. Hear me out.”

“I don’t care what you’ve got to say.” Heidi glared at the front of his shirt, “This is ridiculous.”

“Sit down.” Jim’s voice was quietly assured. “Give me five minutes.”

Heidi somehow knew he wasn’t going to budge. “Fine.” She sat on the edge of the desk and focused studiously on the hard-wood floor.

Jim sighed, “Heidi, I agreed to it because I care about you. I know that you miss her. You won’t admit it but you do. What person wouldn’t miss their mom?”

Heidi scowled, “I don’t. How many times do I have to say that to you? I don’t miss her, I don’t want to see her, and I don’t want anything to do with her!”

Jim sighed, “Heidi, you’re just too proud.”

“Proud?” Heidi glared at him, “So now you’re just gonna insult me?”

“I’m not insulting you.” Jim crossed the room and tried to take hold of her hands, “You think that what she said to you, and what she did was wrong, right? Blaming you, getting married. But you feel bad too, don’t you? Just leaving like you did.” He sighed at her stubborn expression, “Heidi, there’s no pride when it comes to family. You can’t lose what you have over old issues. Look, she’s made an effort. She wants to be a part of your life. She’s hoping you’ll forgive her, or at least accept her. You’re never going to get another dad. But you can still get your mom back. I know you miss her.” He shook his head as she made to protest. “Don’t lie to me. I see it in your face. In your eyes. Give her a chance. If it goes wrong, fine. But you’ve nothing to lose. She’s your mom Heidi. She raised you.”

Heidi pulled a face, “But…”

“No buts.” Jim’s voice was firm as her eyes finally met his, “As arrogant as it sounds, I know I’m right.”

There was a pause. “And if it screws up?” Heidi’s voice was quietly accepting. “You’re coming too, right?”

“If that’s what you want.” Jim ran his finger down her cheek, “It won’t screw up baby. It’ll be fine. You know it will.”

“Am I supposed to thank you?” Heidi looked momentarily ashamed, “This should have happened a long time ago.”

“No. It shouldn’t have.” Jim pressed his mouth to her forehead, “We might never have met. Everything could have been different. I could still be searching for the meaning of my life.”

Heidi couldn’t hide her smile, “OK, that sounded way too corny.”

“It did?” Jim lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes, “You still mad at me?”

Heidi sighed. “No. How could I be?”

“Good.” His mouth dropped gently onto hers, tongue probing softly. “I hate making you unhappy.”

Heidi kissed him hard, “You don’t.” she whispered, “Well, hardly ever. You make me smile, Jim. Everything’s just fallen into place with you. Leon’s become as nice as he used to be, then work sorted itself out, and now my family’s… almost there. It’s like you waved a magic wand or something.”

“I know.” Jim said quite seriously.

“You know?” Heidi looked mildly amused, “You’re meant to say something equally loving. Not ‘I know’.”

He laughed hoarsely, “God Heidi, I would but all I can think about is how much time we’re wasting.” His mouth dropped to her neck as he kissed a path to her ear, “You are so beautiful.”

Heidi smiled, “And you have such a one-track mind.”

“And that,” Jim concluded, his hands sliding under her shirt, “Is why we are so perfect together.”

Their mouths met simultaneously, tongues moving in an impassioning frenzy as Jim’s hands found their place on her chest, groping hard, pushing her down to lie on the cold mahogany, his hands moving to her waist, pulling her down and closer to him. Heidi felt her stomach flip as he pressed hard against her, the heat from their bodies fusing, making the raw desire almost unbearable.

“Come on, come on….” Each of them were struggling with the buttons on the others shirt, Jim finishing first and then pulling off his blazer as Heidi’s hands finally stroked his bare chest, her delicate touch leaving him even harder.

“You…” His hands had dropped to the waistband of her trousers, his mouth to one of her nipples, and she cried out as his teeth pulled before being replaced by the soothing swirl of his tongue, his intelligible whispers exciting her even more.

“Jim…” Heidi ran her hands down to his belt, tried to undo the buckle between their bodies as Jim moaned, pulled her further towards him so he could tug her trousers and panties down.

“Ah…” The cool rush of air on her inflamed pussy reduced her excitement only momentarily, as Jim’s fingers moved in, brushing along her outer lips as he straightened up, unzipped himself with his spare hand and looked down at her, breathing hard.

They paused for a moment, simply staring at each other.

“You are so goddamn gorgeous.” The words fell from Jim’s mouth, his fingers suddenly urgent again, pressing against her clit, making her gasp as he bent down again, kissing her furiously, their mouths twisting, tongues thrashing. Heidi moaned hard, her body clenching as his fingers pushed into her entrance, moving in and out, finding her spot.

“Oh god Jim!” She pushed against his hand, tried to hold his fingers there but then he’d pulled away and his hands were gripping her legs, pulling them around his waist as his cock hovered tantalisingly at her entrance.

“You ready?” He was kissing her neck, hands moving up to her waist as he held on tight, all set to go.

“God, yes.”

Heidi gasped out loud, tensing as he thrust in with one smooth movement, burying himself entirely, slamming between her tight walls, the action issuing waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. “Oh god….!”

Her hands were gripping the edge of the desk, knuckles white as Jim began pounding into her, eyes fixed on her face. “You are so fucking hot.” His teeth were clenched, eyes daring her to look away as he throbbed inside her, the sweat breaking out on his chest as he tried to keep control. “You are just….the best.”

Heidi moaned out an incoherent response, her heart pounding inside her, her eyes fixed helplessly to Jim’s, the emotions almost electric between them. His right hand was on the move again, travelling roughly over her body, making her wetter and wetter, regardless as to where it strayed, settling finally on her pussy, his fingers moving rapidly and expertly. His eyes were still fixed hungrily on her face, his mouth open slightly as he sucked in air, fuelling his thrusts as he tried to keep control, tried to make it last.

Heidi pushed up urgently against his hand, he was rubbing hard, all over, his fingertips sending little tremors through her but it just wasn’t enough, it just wasn’t the right place, he was driving her insane.

“Jim…please…” His finger finally fell to her clit, attaching itself to the hood, just hard enough for the bud beneath to pulsate with exquisite pleasure. “Oh god…oh god….” Heidi’s hands moved to his arms, fingertips digging into his biceps as he began rubbing, his finger moving in time to the rhythmic thrusts.

“Fuck…fuck…” It was with a sense of delirious abandonment that Jim realised he hadn’t even bothered to lock the office door, effectively risking his entire reputation for the sake of this crazy animal fuck. Anyone could have walked in. But being buried deep inside Heidi’s flawless body, knowing that she was feeling just as good as he was, made the gamble more than worth it. It was bloody crazy, Jim knew that, but these unexpectedly precious few minutes were exceptional and he was determined to get as much out of them as possible. Which was why he slammed repeatedly in with renewed resolve, feeling Heidi’s body tremble and shudder under his touch as they kissed again and again, absorbing each others heat, seizing the moment and owning it, making it unforgettable.

Heidi‘s mind was a whirl of crazy thoughts, her brain reeling into overtime as the pleasure surged through her body, Jim’s fingers and ceaseless plunging doing nothing to help the confusion until finally it was all just too much, his intelligible grunts sent her hurling over the edge, the pleasure heaving through her body in an enormous wave, making her cry out unrestrainedly, her hand pushing his fingers away from her as she clenched hard, bringing Jim to an almost identically heightened sense of absolute pleasure.

“Shit…” It was a drawn out groan of success that issued from his mouth, a sign of complete satisfaction, as he released, shuddering slightly before he leaned down, kissed Heidi hard on the mouth, and finally relaxed. God, life was good.


“A picnic?” Heidi turned to look at Jim in surprise, “That’s new.”

“Well, yeah.” Jim watched as she resumed organising the bookcase in the corner of his living room, “I think it’ll be fun.”

It was Saturday morning, the sun was up and Jim didn’t seem to want to waste it.

“Are you sure?” Heidi heaved an illustrated copy of The Arabian Nights to the top shelf, “I thought picnics were like a thing for mom’s and kids. Not businessmen.”

Jim crossed the room and helped her shift the final stack of books, “I’m not a businessman.” He said, “Not when I’m with you anyway. Besides, anyone can have a picnic.”

“I know.” Heidi slumped in the armchair, “It’s just not very…you. Not very masculine.”

Jim laughed, “OK, so let’s say it’s a hike. That’s masculine enough.”

Heidi grinned, “Yeah, but now you sound like one of those nature enthusiasts with those boots and scruffy beards.”

“You are so hard to please.” Jim pulled her out of the armchair and sat down himself. “So are we going or not?”

“If you really want.”

And so it was decided. It was hardly a conventional picnic though, Heidi privately thought, as she retrieved a blanket from the garage while Jim tossed cans of Coca-Cola and assorted junk food into a bag.

“Don’t you want some fruit?” She asked pointedly, trying not to imagine just how high the calorie-count of all the provisions was.

Jim looked up, “Fruit?” He rummaged around in the refrigerator before emerging with a lone tangerine which he dropped unceremoniously on top of the processed items.


Heidi raised an eyebrow, “Is that it?”

“Yep.” Jim zipped up the bag and grinned at her, “Let’s go.”


Half an hour later and the sun was most definitely up, shining down on Lockwood Park, rays of light peeking through from between branches and leaves, the ground warm and dry. Flowers had pushed up through the grass and stood proud, an assortment of colours, yellows, reds and vibrant pinks adorning the pathways.

“Here.” Heidi stopped in a grassy clearing and turned to Jim, “This is perfect.”

She dropped the bag of food on the floor and looked around, “Hey, put the blanket out. The bag will hold it down.”

Jim frowned, “The blanket? I didn’t bring it. Didn’t you get it out of the car?”

“Huh?” Heidi looked at him, “You expect me to carry everything? You’re the one with the muscles!”

“Great.” Jim sighed, “I’ll go get it. Five minutes.”

And he was gone.

Heidi sighed before she lay back on the bare grass and gazed up at the sky, the light breeze tickling her face and bare limbs. Trust Jim to forget the blanket, she thought wryly, her mind slipping back to the prior day’s conversation. So now they were going to that birthday party. She felt a strange sense of relief in the fact that finally, after all the years of ambiguity, she was actually going to have some sort of contact with her mom. Would it work out? Heidi knew that she needed Jim there. Not because she was weak but for anyone, it was good to have some sort of support. Maybe that’s how Mom felt, a little voice whispered to her. Maybe that’s why she just got married when Dad died. She needed someone there to help her through it all. To Heidi, Pete had seemed like an absolute ass but there was always an explanation. For everything. Mom had only been like 37. She still had a load of life left in her. And she didn’t want to be alone. Shit. It was all a lot easier to understand now that Heidi actually sat back and thought about it. Grief affected people in tonnes of different ways. Of course Mom had always loved Dad. And Pete didn’t replace him. He was just there to help mom get through, right?

Heidi sighed, glanced at the box of Krispy Kreme donuts poking out of the bag, and smiled to herself. For a moment she let her mind slip into the forbidden zone. Would Dad have approved of Jim? He’d jokingly banned her from dating until she was like 30 but something instinctively told Heidi that he would have actually liked this man. She imagined how different things would have been, had Dad still been around, but then she wiped the thought away. Dad was gone. Things were different. And while she’d never know what life would have been like without that fateful night, life right now was good. And she had to live it.

With Jim, anything was possible. It was incredible, she thought, watching a secluded plane travel through the clouds, it was incredible how everything just slipped into place. Jim and Leon for instance, the way they’d forged a path through their disagreements to actually get along, find that they were analogous in more ways than they’d guessed. Had they done it for her? The thought made Heidi smile slightly but she didn’t dwell on it. Whatever the reason, she was glad. They’d each swallowed a good helping of damn-pointless pride and were virtually friends. It was crazy. Just crazy.


“So this is it.” Jim said, dropping the last of the litter into the bag, “My super-manly attempt at a picnic. What do you think?”

Heidi shrugged, “Not bad. I’m still slightly worried though.”

Jim frowned, “About what?”

Heidi smiled mischievously, “I just get concerned you’re not macho enough. Not man enough for me.”

“Not man enough!?” Jim laughed incredulously, “I’m as manly as a man gets. Haven’t you seen my muscles?”

Heidi smirked, “What muscles?” She laughed as he made a dive for her. “Too slow!” She laughed again, “You can’t even catch me…..ah, shit!” She wriggled as his hands closed around her waist, pulling her down onto the grass, his fingers scrabbling under her t-shirt, tickling her mercilessly.

“Get off!” she squealed, squirming, almost helpless with laughter.

“Am I man-ish enough?” Jim asked teasingly, his cold hands taking advantage of her vulnerability.

“Yes!” Heidi tried in vain to release herself from his ruthless grasp, “You’re a man, OK?! Please Jim!” She finally relaxed as his fingers stopped moving, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK. I know you’re just playing.” His hands were still under her shirt and he trailed his fingers across her perfectly shaped breasts. “You can make it up to me though. Let me prove how much of a man I really am.”

Heidi laughed, “You need to prove it?!”

“Stop.” Jim’s mouth dropped onto hers, “Enough already. I’m gonna get insecure at this rate.”

Heidi squirmed nervously underneath him, “Jim, let’s go.”

“Huh?” He looked at her in surprise, “Go where?”

“Back to your place.” She wriggled out from beneath his body and stood up, brushing grass off her clothes.

Jim stood up, “It’ll take ages.” His fingers toyed with the hem of her t-shirt. “I can’t wait that long.”

“Well, you’ll have to.” Heidi said as firmly as possible, “What, you want to just do the whole jack-rabbit thing out here? We’d probably get arrested or some family will have their peaceful stroll interrupted and…and…Jim, stop staring at me!”

Jim didn’t say anything, his eyes moving over her body, down from her face, pausing briefly on the swell of her chest before continuing down to her waist, hesitating on the shorts. “You are so damn sexy.” He gave a sudden tug at her shirt, surprising her, allowing him to pull it off in one clean move, his eyes taking in the sight of her tightly curved body, his hands moving forward instinctively to admire the smooth skin.

“Jim!” Heidi shivered slightly and snatched her shirt back, “For christ’s sake! Anyone could see us! I’m going!”

She made a move, straightening out the black polyester but he grabbed her by the waist, drew her to him, “No you’re not. Relax baby, it’s me. Me and you. Alone.”

His lips devoured hers and she couldn’t help herself, she returned the passion, allowed his tongue to search her mouth, his hands to drop to her ass.

They broke apart, “What’s wrong with going home?” Heidi asked breathlessly.

“Why do it inside when we can do it out here?” Jim motioned at the trees, the spring flowers blooming along the nature-forged paths.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Damn right it is.” He ran his forefinger down her cheek, along her neck and across her hard nipple. Heidi breathed in sharply,

“Jim. I still think…”

He didn’t pause, his brown eyes connecting with hers, mutely silencing her, as his finger progressed south to her navel.

“How much do you want me?” The question was asked teasingly and Heidi’s lips parted as she stared at his angular profile, “How much Heidi?” His finger traced a line from her navel to the waistband of her shorts, “Tell me how much you need me baby.”

She took a shuddery breath, “I don’t know.” Her eyes stared into his as his other hand tightened its grip on her firm ass.

“You want this, right?” his voice had changed from the soft tone she’d heard all day. It was lower, rougher, and almost primal.

She nodded impulsively, “I…”

His finger slipped down into her shorts, past her underwear, coming to rest on the bare skin.

He took a breath, “It’s going to be good Heidi. I swear it’s worth the risk.”

She let out a soft moan as his eyes stared hungrily into hers before moving down, taking in her lips, her swanlike neck.

“Please.” The word came out as a whimper.

“Please what?”

Heidi’s eyes gazed helplessly into his, her mouth unable to form the requests that her body was screaming for.

Jim smiled wolfishly, “You’re so sweet Heidi. Say it.”

She shook her head, “I…”

“I know, I know.” His tone was understanding but his finger remained on her outer lips, running back and fro, taunting, teasing.

“You are the worst.” Heidi gasped in awe, “You are just…unbelievable.”

Jim didn’t say anything, his spare hand moving to the front of his jeans, his eyes fixed on hers, daring her to stop him, daring her to stop the whole scenario which was quickly unfolding in front of them. Heidi didn’t stop anything. She reached up, her hand securing itself on the back of his neck as they kissed, their mouths interlinking as they stumbled backwards, trying not to trample the flowers underfoot. Breathless, they ended up against one of the old cherry trees, the trunk thankfully smooth and warm against Heidi’s back, her heart pounding as Jim’s mouth found hers again, his murmurs folding into the invigorating kiss.

Heidi broke away for a second, glancing around the area, wary of possible passer-bys witnessing their primal lust, suddenly aware of just how exposed she was. Her eyes dropped to the front of Jim’s jeans and then, almost on an impulse she asked the question that had been hovering in her mind for some weeks now.

“Can I give you a blowjob?” Her hand came out, her mind rejuvenated by the sudden reckless attitude which consumed her as Jim stared, the most part of him insanely excited.

“Don’t tease me.” His eyes were fixed on her face, as her fingers ran lightly up the denim at his crotch.

“I’m not teasing.” Heidi’s voice was calmer than she’d expected, “I’m serious Jim.”

“Really?” He sounded dubious, “You’re not just trying to make me happy?”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “It’s not all about you Jim. We met like six months ago. I’ve already made you wait long enough.”

“I know.” Jim tried to control himself. “But I’m not complaining. You take all the time you need.”

“Oh for gods sake.” Heidi unbuckled his belt, gripping it hard to try and stop her hands from trembling, “I’ve had enough time. It’s not like you waited before having sex with me is it?”

Jim looked slightly ashamed, “I didn’t know it was your first time.” His hands closed around hers, “Heidi, I don’t want us to regret this.”

“You make it sound like we’re doing a parachute jump or something.” Heidi looked up into his face and smiled, “Jim, just chill out. Look, I initiated it, OK? Stop worrying about me. Just…enjoy yourself.”

“OK.” Jim held his hands up in mock-surrender, “If you insist.”

Heidi smiled, “I do. And don’t act like you don’t want it. I’m not stupid you know.”

She finally succeeded in undoing his pants and stood back as he stepped out of them, pulling his shirt off simultaneously, leaving himself completely naked.

“There.” Jim smiled and dropped the shirt to the floor as Heidi made to pull hers back on.

“Leave it.” His hand came out and took the material from her, dropping it back onto the grass. “You look better without it.”

Heidi shrugged, “Right. Whatever makes you happy.”

She dropped to her knees in front of him and swallowed hard, hesitating for the slightest of seconds. Jim’s face was a picture of excited expectation, “Open up.”

She parted her lips slightly, let out her tongue and ran it along his smooth skin. Jim let out a small grunt at the first contact and she looked up at him, “Am I doing it right?”

He nodded, eyes fixed to her naked body, “Perfect. Perfect.”

Reassured, Heidi licked up and down the engorged length, her unskilled tongue travelling around his balls before descending towards the swollen head.

“That’s right.” Jim’s breathing was shallow as he watched her pointed tongue move around, flickering in response to his shortened breath. Her small hand came out, grasped the base of his erection holding it in place as she worked on the head, covering it with saliva as he moaned in appreciation. She caressed the tip for a short while longer before stretching her lips into an uncertain O and taking the head into her mouth. Jim watched breathlessly as she pleasured him and his hands subconsciously travelled to her head, fingers entwining in the dark hair, holding her there as her eyes flicked up to meet his.

“Suck it.” The words rasped instinctively from his dry mouth as her hand began stroking the base, her slim fingers noticing the lack of hair, the care he’d taken. She sucked on the head of his dick, felt his grip on her hair tighten and he grunted as her spare hand gripped his muscular thigh, her mouth pleasuring him inconceivably.

Yes, he’d had head in the past but nothing like this. Nothing like an amateur doing their utmost best to please him, nothing like the satin feel of his lover’s mouth, the inept fingers. It was, he thought, as he grunted and swore between clenched teeth, the most welcome surprise he’d ever had.

“Heidi, you’re amazing. So good…” the word trailed out to an aching moan as he closed his eyes and tilted his head skywards as she released his dick and moved her attentions to his balls, sucking them.

“That’s, that’s…” Jim was at a loss for words. He’d expected her to fumble innocently, expected to be left disappointed but this was, this was….insane! He grunted appreciatively as her teasing lips moved back to his thick cock and sealed around it, moving up and down, sucking hard, and determinedly. Her eyes met his and he saw a glimmer, a glimmer of joy that she was doing it right, that she was making him feel good.

“Baby, that’s so good. You have no idea…”

Her mouth moved further up, eyes closing as she concentrated on taking more of him in. She felt Jim grip harder to her hair, moving her up and down and the utter excitement of it all aroused her. The unfamiliarity of the entire situation made her feel exhilarated, she didn’t care what she was doing, it was all just too good. Her mouth moved further up his throbbing pole, she now had at least two thirds of it in and by the sound of the guttural moans reaching her ears, Jim was enjoying himself.

“Baby…to the throat, throat, now.”

Heidi looked at him in surprise, releasing him from her warm mouth.

“Just one little push.” Jim’s eyes were dark, as her hand continually massaged him and he didn’t let go of her hair, “You’re so good Heidi, so damn good.”

She stared up at him, her eyes twin pools of liquid desire, the soft brown colour warming his soul, urging him to push into her mouth again. “Come on baby, just hold it there.”

She paused, swirled her tongue around the head, felt him stiffen, and moved further up, her spare hand squeezing his balls.

“Up, up!” The urgent encouragement excited her as she continued her path up his throbbing trunk, forcing herself to open her throat and attempt to swallow him entirely. “Relax, relax, you can do it.” The lustful encouragement spurred her to let herself go, let down her defences until his eight inches was packed into her mouth and throat. Jim groaned loudly, swore at the top of his voice before she couldn’t take him anymore and released him, both of them gasping for breath.

“I couldn’t….” Heidi wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, “It was….” She shook her head, made to reattempt the feat but Jim pulled away, drew her to her feet and kissed her softly.

“It was amazing.” he reassured, pulling her over to the picnic blanket, “Absolutely amazing.”

“Really?” Heidi knelt down, facing him, still slightly breathless, “You’re not just saying that?”

“No.” Jim’s answer was meaningfully short and Heidi knew he was serious. “Now let’s do it properly.”

Heidi paused in the process of reaching for her t-shirt. “Seriously? You really think no-one’s going to come by?”

Jim laughed, “No-one’s been past here for the last 15 minutes. Why would they come now?”

Almost on cue, a dog came bounding through the trees, the rubber toy between his teeth indicating that his owner wasn’t far behind. Heidi grabbed her shirt, pulling it on over her head, only to realise that it was inside out. It was too late to rectify though as an elderly couple approached the haphazard scene, calling for their dog before walking on with what seemed to Heidi, like almost knowing smiles.

She turned to a half-dressed Jim who was shamefacedly turning his t-shirt around, “Shall we go now?”


Heidi had always felt that it was stupid to have an old-fashioned fireplace but somehow, sitting cross-legged in front of a roaring fire in Jim’s sitting room at night, the mood was almost magical. There was a steadily low crackling as the flames danced, burning orange, the heat soothing and relaxing.

“Hey.” Jim stopped in the doorway, “Did you put that on?”

“Yeah.” Heidi turned to look at him, “Shouldn’t I have?”

“It’s fine.” He walked slowly across the room, handed her one of two mugs of coffee before dropping to sit opposite her, the flames lighting up his face.

“I want to talk.”

Heidi raised a questioning eyebrow, “Feel free.”

“No, really.” Jim took an almost nervous sip of coffee, “I feel like I haven’t really been all that straight with you.”

Heidi looked up, her brown eyes momentarily apprehensive, “What do you mean?”

“It’s just..” Jim sighed, “I feel like I know everything about you and why you are the person you are but then every time you ask about me I just change the subject or give some stupid fake answer.” His eyes met hers, “And, I don’t want it to be like that. I don’t want you to feel like I’m hiding stuff from you. Even though I am.”

“Tell me then.” Heidi’s tone was lightly welcoming, “Just tell me.”

Jim blew out a long breath, “Really? You don’t mind what shit I’ve done before?”

“No.” It seemed like the only answer she could give, “Just get it off your chest.”

Jim took a breath, and tried to compose himself. She’d understand, wouldn’t she? She’d tell him to forget all the old crap and concentrate on the future…right? Despite the uncertainty, it was too late to worm out now. So he began, reiterating what he’d told her before, about his father leaving, before he moved on to the reckless teenage years, trying not to go into too much detail. Girlfriends, fights, drinking, he told her everything, all the things he preferred not to think about, all the things he hoped she’d understand. It wasn’t that he was a player, he said, just that it was easier to have sex and move on, not have to deal with the repercussions. Because if you got caught up with girls, they changed. It had always been the same, one minute they were nice and the next they were suing you for harassment. That’s where he’d been before Christmas he told her, trying to prove that he hadn’t unfairly dismissed one of his old secretary’s, that he hadn’t been some sex-hungry predator. And then there were the women who he’d been with after crazy nights out, women who didn’t understand that a drunken encounter was just that: one night and nothing more. He was ashamed of it, course he was, he said, after the half hour confession, but that was his past and while it was all firmly in the past, he knew parts of it crept up on him every now and then.

“That’s why I’m telling you.” He eventually said, trying to read the expression on Heidi’s face, “So you won’t get freaked out if something comes up. You won’t think I’m some lying scumbag.”

There was a long pause. And then, “Is that it?”

“Yeah.” Jim nodded, “That’s pretty much it.”

Heidi smiled, “Great. I’m glad you told me.”

“That’s it?” Jim waited hesitantly, “You don’t mind?”

Heidi uncrossed her legs and stretched, “No.” She laughed at his bewildered expression, “Jim, if there’s one thing you’ve taught me, it’s not to dwell on the past. Forget it. Move on. You’re a different person now. You’ve got to live your life.”


“Yes, really.” Heidi stood up and picked up the empty coffee cups, “Come on, it’s late, let’s go upstairs.”

“Right.” Jim shook his head as she walked past, “Heidi, wait. So you don’t think any differently of me?”

“No.” Heidi paused briefly in the doorway, “Why would I?” And she was gone.

Jim breathed a silent sigh of relief before following her into the kitchen. “I thought we were going upstairs.”

Heidi pulled a face, “Yeah, scrap that idea.” She smiled teasingly, “Besides why would I want to go upstairs?”

“Why?” Jim laughed, “So we can have some mind-blowing confessional sex of course. That’s the best kind, right?”

Heidi shrugged, “I thought outdoor sex was best.”

Jim shook his head disdainfully, “No way, confessional beats outdoor hands down.”

“Yeah, sure.” Heidi turned back to look at him as they headed up the stairs, “You’re just saying that because you wanna get laid.”

They’d reached his bedroom door now and she stopped outside it, her eyes fixed on his, awaiting his next move.

“Don’t make me wait.” Jim pushed open the door, his hand closing around her wrist, pulling her into the room, the moonlight shining through the open curtains. “I’ve held back long enough.”

And then they were pulling their clothes off, almost as if it was a race, until they were both stood naked looking at each other, Jim’s expression undeniably hungry and Heidi’s somewhat uncertain.

Jim’s hands came out, pushing her gently down onto the soft bed sheets before he sat down himself, his mood somewhat refreshed at the lack of clothes.

“I don’t want this day to end.” he said quietly, his eyes fixed on her flawless body, “I just want to…live like this forever.”

Heidi’s eyes met his, her trembling hands portraying her need as she reached for him, her slim fingers closing around his, “It’s always unique with you.” She whispered softly, “I thought it’d get boring but it hasn’t.”

“Boring?” Jim’s hands pulled away from hers, residing instead on her chest, his fingers exploring every last millimetre before he met her eyes, “It’s never going to be boring Heidi. I never thought I’d stick with one girl but you walked into my life and changed everything.” His hands pushed her gently down onto the soft sheets as he began kissing her neck, “You’re so beautiful.” He murmured, “So perfectly gorgeous.” His mouth reached her chest and his tongue came out, expertly licking at her nipple, sending miniature shockwaves through her body. “But it’s not just that.” He whispered, moving back up to gaze into her eyes, “Inside of you, you’re like…..” he paused, tried to make sense in his lust-fogged brain, “You have personality. A good soul.” His mouth brushed hers, “Know what I mean?”

“Uh-huh.” Heidi knew she should have been delighting in his confession. She knew she should feel infinitely special but the fact of the matter was that she already knew how he felt. She knew by the way his eyes looked into hers every time they met, knew by the way he’d call at odd hours, just to ‘see how she was doing’. His feelings for her for her were omnipresent, depicted in the way he’d hold her hand as they walked down the street, the way he’d hug her, encompassing her body, making her feel loved, safe, and secure.

“You don’t have to say it.” She whispered, breathing in his scent, “Jim, I already know. And you know too, right?”

“Know what?” Jim’s intelligence was fighting a losing battle against the desire that flooded his mind. He shook his head, “Sorry baby, know what?”

“You know that I love you. That my life would be pretty much pointless without you.” Heidi’s hand brushed the stubble on his face as she gazed at him, her face excruciatingly beautiful.

“Oh god, I know.” Jim kissed her hard, “We know. But it can’t hurt to say it, can it? To reinforce it? So that neither of us ever forgets?”

“I guess not.” Heidi swallowed hard, as his erection pressed against her thigh, “Now how long are you going to make me wait?”

“Not much longer.” Jim moved down her body, his fingers forming a path for his mouth until he paused, straightened up and slid his hands under her ass. “You look so hot.” He whispered, lifting her to his mouth, “In my bed.” He almost laughed as he said it, “Just lying there, in my bed.” He breathed warm air onto her pussy, his eyes sparkling as hers screwed tight shut. “Look at me Heidi.” His tongue came out and drew a teasing circle on her soft skin, “Watch what I do to you.”

Heidi’s eyes met his and he pressed his tongue to her clit, felt the shiver pass through her body “God…” Heidi felt his grip tighten on her legs as she tried to pull away.

“Shh…” Jim’s murmur was comforting, his gentle tongue even more so as he slowly traced around her pussy lips, pressing softly to part them, to allow himself to taste her.

This , she could bear, Heidi thought to herself, just these soft coaxing little movements. It was only when his tongue started moving hard and fast that it drove her crazy, told her that she couldn’t handle it. He was already leading up to it she thought in wild expectation, his mouth was already rougher, his tongue more abrupt as it darted momentarily into her entrance, before withdrawing, circling up towards her swollen clit, teasing it lightly. And then he was back down there again, holding his tongue inside her tight tunnel, his eyes laughing as her fingers curled in the sheets, gripping tightly as she stared at the ceiling, unable to meet his unmoving gaze.

And then he’d pulled away, leaving a cool rush of air on her radiating pussy, his hands still holding tight to her thighs before he resumed his game. He started hard this time, knowing how much she needed it, his eyes noticing the tense flush across her face, the bunched up sheets in her hands. His tongue moved quickly up and down, before he stopped at her clit and pressed hard against it, making her jump slightly before he began flicking and circling and swirling until Heidi felt there was no possible return. But then he pulled away. She was too shocked to respond as he moved forward on his knees, lowering her ass back down onto the sheets before he pressed hard to her entrance, his breathing raucous as he watched the head of his erection disappear. His eyes moved back to her breathlessly expectant face and he leaned forward, pushing hard until he was completely inside her, his eyes watching her lips part as she expelled a long breath.

“God…” Jim’s mouth engulfed hers, cutting the exclamation short, his hands securing tightly to her waist as he slowly withdrew before pushing in again, steadily increasing the pace. He could feel her shifting slightly underneath him, trying to find a comfortable position and then her legs went around him, heels digging into the small of his back, encouraging him to push harder and further in. And he did as she wanted, began moving faster, spearing deep inside her, his hands holding tight to her shoulders as he grunted, tried to make himself heard through the sound of their bodies crashing together.

“You are just…amazing.”

Heidi gasped, “You’ve said that like…ten times today.” Her face was buried in his neck, lips admiring the rough skin, inhaling his scent as she tried to keep up with his ceaseless thrusts.

“I know.” Jim’s hands moved to slip under her ass, pulling her even closer to him as he buried himself deeper, pausing for a second to complete his statement, “I want you to believe it.”

And then he was moving again, slamming hard and fast, his teeth clenched as the perspiration covered his face, cooling him slightly, but not enough, nowhere near enough.

Heidi was moaning into him and he found her mouth, kissed her hard, their intelligible groans merging as their lips locked, tongues moving in a slowly passionate rhythm, the embrace full of meaning and emotion.

Jim slowed down, breaking the kiss to gaze into her eyes before he bent, grazed his teeth along the immaculate skin of her collarbone and heard her whimper beneath him. And then her hands were on his back, on his shoulders, holding him close as she whispered to him to go harder again, to go as damn hard as he liked.

Jim hesitated, coming to a stop inside her tight passage, his cock pulsing steadily, almost as if it had a life of its own. “I don’t want to hurt you.” The words were whispered into her ear, his teeth tracing the lobe as he held himself, forced himself to keep control.

“You won’t.” The murmur was soft, “Jim, just fuck me, OK?”

Heidi’s words were almost reassuring as she looked into his eyes, silently acknowledging his need, giving him the opportunity to fully satiate himself.

“I’ve corrupted you.” The words were serious but the inevitable grin spread across Jim’s face, “I’ve made you…made you…”

“You’ve made me yours.” Heidi’s tone was carelessly serious, “I don’t care how stupid that sounds Jim. I’m yours.”

“Right.” Jim nodded, “And you…you want me to fuck you as hard as I like?”

Heidi nodded, “That’s right.”

Jim paused for a fraction of a second, and then he was moving his hands down to her legs, unhooking them from around his back, bringing them to his shoulders, his hands relocating to her waist, holding on tight as he finally began thrusting again, picking up speed as he leaned forward, driving into her hard. Heidi gasped, her mind a blur as his hand moved to her chest, his fingers gripping, digging in, sending unexpected shockwaves through her body as he knelt up, lifting her ass slightly off the bed and slamming in harder. She felt herself clench slightly, tensing up in response to his thrusts but somehow it felt like he grew even harder inside her, his grunts rising in volume as he swore between his teeth, slamming in repeatedly, his balls smacking hard against her ass with every thrust.

Heidi didn’t quite know what sound she was making, it was something between a whimper and a moan but whatever it was, it only seemed to make Jim go resolutely faster, his breath shortening as he stretched her inconceivably. And he leaned forward again, slamming against her clit with every thrust, hitting her cervix, the pleasure consuming the pain, making her cry out in wildly delirious abandonment.

“Fuck…” Jim’s face was scrunched up with concentration as he tried to hold out on his peak, Heidi’s sublime moans only spurring him on as she trembled under his touch, her body jerking at each crazy thrust, the sweat shining on both of them, the exquisite tension hanging heavy in the air between them.

“Is this what you wanted?” The question was almost growled from Jim’s throat, as he continued his barrage of reckless thrusts, his eyes fixed to her face, “Heidi, is this it?”

“Yes…” It was the only word she could manage through her half-whimpers, her body shuddering as he pounded into her, making her tighten around him, instinctively wanting to hold him there. And then finally, their bodies crashed into each others for the last time, every sensation heightened as Jim pressed hard against her clit, his hand still gripping her breast, perpetuating the feelings until they both released, the waves of ecstasy surging unstoppably though Heidi’s exhausted body, finally satisfying her, allowing her to relax as Jim came hard, shuddering inside her, before he came to rest on top of her, equally satiated.

“Fuck.” It was a while before Heidi gathered herself to speak, “I never knew it was going to be that hard.”

Jim’s mouth brushed hers lightly as he slowly withdrew, releasing her legs as he rolled down to lie next to her, “You said as hard as I liked.”

“I know.” Heidi smiled as he turned to look at her, his arm moving around her waist, “And it was brilliant. I won’t be able to walk for a week, but still, I reckon it was worth it.”

Jim laughed softly, brushing her hair away from her face as their eyes met, “Really?”


Their lips met again, tenderly this time, in a kiss full of meaning and warmth as Heidi’s hand came out to rest on Jim’s neck, her touch eternally welcome. With a content sigh, their mouths parted, while their bodies moved closer together, the moonlight shining across their faces. Jim’s eyes gazed into Heidi’s and they both silently knew that for the first time in their lives, pretty much everything was good.

~ The END ~

Dedications: It’s pretty much for all you guys who jumped on the boat and have followed Jim and Heidi since the start. You know who you are, and seriously, your PM’s and comments have meant the world to me. xx

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