She Keeps Shortening My Bucket List

By   24 February 2017

I’m tapping my foot as I impatiently wait on our hotel bed. Moments ago she walked through the door in her typical soccer mom outfit and no sooner was the door closed that I took her in my arms.

Back again was the woman of my dreams and I couldn’t help but push the envelope. Her hands were immediately pushed against the wall and held above her head as my tongue slid between her desperate lips. As my other hand sneaked inside her tight yoga pants and headed south it quickly found her dripping, needy gash and I pushed two fingers inside. Her moans filled the room and mere seconds later her cum flooded my hand.

My woman is always on the edge, always ready, always willing. When I pushed the fingers inside her mouth her eyes danced with delight. While some would call me “pushy,” my lover calls me “perfect.” She loves a man who knows what he wants and just takes it. I love a woman who yields herself to me. As soon as I released her hands she whispered that she needs a few minutes, that she “has a surprise for me.”


I’m about to bang on the bathroom door when I finally hear the handle turn.

“Are you ready for me?” she asks. Her voice is skittish, as if she’s nervous.

“Yes baby, come and see me now!”

Soon I’m gazing at beauty incarnate. Donning her colorful, sexy lingerie – the first time she’s worn that for me – four inch heels and make up to the nines including bright cranberry red lipstick, my sweet one slowly walks to me, enabling me to take in every lovely curve of her stunning beauty. Her hair is gathered on top of her head and today she is wearing her glasses, another first. As I stand to meet her my hands reach to remove her glasses.

“No, honey, not today…” is all she says.

I assume her eyes are hurting today, just as she’s described several times before, and so I let it pass. Besides, she looks just like a sexy school teacher or librarian today, and she’s all mine!

She takes hold of my hands and leads me to the center of the room. I’m a bit confused as she is never one to lead, always wants me in control. When she releases my hands and drops to her knees I understand.

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