Sodom Eyes ( Part 2 ) — Trucker Trade Off

By   25 February 2017

That big, black cock hit my tonsils, as it sought the entrance to my gullet. My eyes grew big as saucers as I took six, seven, eight inches into my mouth and still was looking at least three more extending from my lips. The man paused, letting my throat get used to the girth, as tears welled up in my eyes. I grabbed his butt cheeks with both hands and pulled him closer, I figured if I was going to choke to death, it might as well be worth it.

My nose was buried in his stiff and wiry pubes, my Adam’s Apple bobbing up and down, massaging the horny invader. I started humming, letting my vocal cords vibrate against the smooth head of his cock. The man moaned: this was a new feeling for him. He whispered, ‘Oh, baby . . .’

Having arrived in Baltimore and unloaded (the truck, that is), we wound up with a cargo of carpeting bound for Louisville, Kentucky. Leaving the trailer with the trucking company, we drove off in the cab to get sleeping quarters. We found a small motel on the outskirts of town with a small diner across the highway. Sitting at the counter eating our meal, we struck up a conversation with another trucker.

His name was Hal, and he was a broad shouldered guy with long, wavy strawberry blond hair tucked under his Peterbilt ball cap, red and black flannel shirt, and blue jeans that could barely contain a fine looking ass and prominent bulge in the crotch. He was about 40 years old, give or take. We sat at the counter, me, Uncle Jake, Hal and a brown haired kid of about 25 sitting on the stool on the other side of Hal, but not with our little conversing group. But, it was obvious he was listening in on our conversation, and my uncle was leering at him frequently.

Over apple pie a la mode and coffee, Hal mentioned that he was staying at that same motel. He also flipped his thumb in my direction and asked Jake if I was a trucker, and Jake’s driving partner. ( At that time, I was only nineteen and a half. ) Uncle Jake said no, not a driver, but ‘He’s here to take care of my needs after shutting down the road at night.’

‘Ooooweee!’ Hal said with a grin. ‘I shore wish I had someone to take o’ my needs. Yes, sir!’

I could feel my cheeks burning with my blush as I looked down shyly and smiled.

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