Fuck of the Century

It took me a few weeks after losing Heather, but finally I went out bar hopping. I am in a straight and gay/lesbian club, dressed for seduction, and feeling almost foolishly brazen, sitting at the bar, sensuously smoking a cigarette, lightly sipping a scotch, it takes only a few minutes for a woman to approach… Continue reading »

The House of Many Bodies Part 3

Introduction: Please read my others before this… there is more to come.. please provide suggestions He was turned toward the wall and I could feel my large breasts pushing against his back. The room was cold, and I had not put anything on when I climbed in bed, so I knew the jig was up…. Continue reading »

Rebeccas Sex Ed (Part 2)

Christine laid there, legs spread with her sweet juices rolling down her pussy. I climbed on top and kissed her. From behind me Becca grabbed my cock and directed it towards Christine’s hole. I slid right in because she was so wet. I began to plunge into her, starting slowly, but inserting my full length… Continue reading »

Just Good Looking

Chapter 1 Alyssa was a something of a good girl. She was considered to be shy, although she was very smart and quite articulate in certain settings. She could talk your head off about exotic animals, third world countries, the stock market, colonialism in Africa, or politics, but, she had to like you first. She… Continue reading »

Slut for My Cuckold Husbands Friends

It is sometimes difficult for me to accept how my relationship with my husband has changed so dramatically after six happy years of marriage, all because of porn stories on the internet. My name is Jamie, and at the age of 28 I have a two year old son and a four month old daughter,… Continue reading »

Ahriman: The Evolution of a Serial Killer 1

Introduction: Ahriman means Devil or Evil Spirit in Middle Persian. He took one last look around the room and decided it was ready. He was ready. Mother was ready. It was time. He left the house, making sure to arm the security system. He knew that Mother wouldnt try to go anywhere–she couldnt move without… Continue reading »

Crossing The Street

‘You say you want to,’ came the brusque voice over the phone, ‘but you don’t, not really. I can hear it. I know your type, you’re too frightened.’ I nearly panicked. ‘No, no, please, I need you to teach me, please. Please I want to…’ ‘You want to what?’ she sneered after my pause. ‘You… Continue reading »