The Adventures of Marie and Nick

I sit down at the table, waiting for something interesting to happen. My parents were out of town for the weekend, and Jessica was about to leave on a week-long vacation with her boyfriend. I was gonna be home alone. Being a good little Christian, I am still a virgin. Of course, I’m only 17…. Continue reading »

The bet at the bar

Introduction: My husband was out of town and I was horny On Monday night I was bored and went out to see if I could find some guys to play with. My husband, Alex was away on business and I was horny so I went to a business hotel not far from our home. I… Continue reading »

Spying on the Boss Daughter, Part 1

It started in the office. My name is John and I’ve always fancied my boss David’s daughter. Kate is always hooking up with men on line which is not surprising when she is smoking hot. She always comes into work with a skimpy top on, where most of the buttons are undone and her gorgeous DD… Continue reading »

The cock milker pt 3

After a nice hot shower and a heavy breakfast I was getting ready for college. Mrs. Ahuja or Radha which was her name and she insisted I call her that when no one was home, came into my room. She asked me to stay at home and not go to college. She gave me a… Continue reading »

Uncle Fucked Mom To Satisfaction

I and mom stay in Mumbai, Dad works abroad and visits only once a year, Mom is originally from west Bengal where hottest of hottest women stay ( In west bengal ) and mom was very sexy and very fair which most of the women in west bengal are sexy. As Dad was abroad, Dad… Continue reading »


Busted Nikkie Silk “Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true,’ Stephen Schwartz Sandy came into the bedroom where I was still dozing, holding a pair of tights in her hand. ‘Babe, I wouldn’t ask, but I’m so pushed for time and I’ve just laddered my last pair of clean tights. I desperately… Continue reading »

Workmate 2

Vicki was lying across me, both of us naked and sweaty from our exertions. My spunk, which I had sprayed over her tits neck and face, was now sandwiched between us and the taste of spunk was in both our mouths after our French kiss finale. Now I was tired and thought a quick wash… Continue reading »


Ashley unlocked the door to her apartment, and reached for the light switch as she stepped through. Before her hand made contact with the switch, her arm was grabbed and she was roughly pulled inside and she felt her other arm being wrapped behind her. Before she could scream out an alarm, her mouth was… Continue reading »